Standard Bearers

Cleftlands Standard Bearers

Their Excellencies Pietro and Aurelia, sixth Barone e Baronessa della Cleftlands, cordially invite you to the 28th Annual Cleftlands Standard Bearers Baronial Championship to be held on Saturday, April 15 at St John of the Cross School (140 Richmond Road, Cleveland OH 44143) from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM. All members of the society are welcome!

An evening feast will present foods native to the indigenous peoples of the realm called Northern America, following trade routes from the Mayans to the Inuk.

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The competitions at the Standard Bearer’s Tourney are to select the Champions of Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Target Archery, and the Arts and Sciences of the Barony of the Cleftlands for the following year. The Champions are not those who win the competitions: they are those selected by the Barone and Baronessa as best being able to represent the Barony based on their participation, and the conversations Their Excellencies hold with them.

If you do not wish to take on the burden of serving as a Champion, you are still welcome to participate, displaying your skills to Their Excellencies and the Baronial populace.

St. Johns of the Cross | 140 Richmond Road | Euclid, OH 44143

Event RegistrationSCA Membership DiscountLunchFeast
Youth (7-17)FreeFreeIncluded$6
Child (0-)FreeFreeIncludedFree

Remit checks to: SCA INC – Barony of the Cleftlands

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