Emergency Services

  • 911
  • Wellington Police: 440-647-2244
  • Wellington Fire Department: 440-647-2245
  • South Lorain County Ambulance: 440-647-5803
  • Allen Community Hospital, 200 West Lorain Street (OH 511), Oberlin, OH 440-775-1211

Onsite Amenities

  • There will be a populace area in the permanent pavilion (near the front gate). Please be aware that the pavilion will be in use for other event activities.
  • Food is available for purchase from the Kuliba Pierogi Hut.
  • The bath-house has multiple showers, toilet stalls and sinks, male and female. They are somewhat rustic. It’s a camp.

Offsite Amenities

  • Rite Aid – 267 N Main St (OH 58), Wellington, OH 440-647-2121
  • Discount Drug Mart – 814 N Main St (OH 58), Wellington, OH 440-647-6634
  • Wal-Mart Supercenter – 46440 US 20, Oberlin, OH 440-774-6720
  • Brumfield’s Village Market – 816 N Main St (OH 58), Wellington, OH 440-647-2169
  • Geyers Fresh Foods – 209 E Herrick Ave (OH 18), Wellington, OH 440-647-2621
  • Other: There are several restaurants in Wellington, within 15 minutes of the site. You will find fast food restaurants along OH 58 north and south of town, and sit-down restaurants in the center of town.

Site Rules

Failure to comply with any site rule may be a cause for ejection from the event without refund. In all disputes the decision of the Event Steward is final.

  • No campers or RVs on site – tent camping only.
  • Any areas marked with yellow caution tape are off limits.
  • All cars must be parked appropriately after unloading.
  • The speed limit within the site is five miles per hour.
  • Children (all attendees under 18) must be under adult supervision and wear the wristband issued by the Gatekeepers. Removal of the wristband is cause for the child and their family to be asked to leave the site immediately without refund.
  • Fire Safety: Fires are permitted in fire pits or fire-rings and must be ten feet from any tents; torches should be kept their length plus one foot from any flammables; and fire extinguishers or water buckets should be available and near any sources of fire. Fire pits must be filled and re-sodded before departure.
  • See below for information on transporting firewood.
  • Swimming is permitted only from the beach and within the marked crib. Diving from the dock area is forbidden. Swimming is at your own risk, and no lifeguard is available.
  • The site is wet; however, all mundane laws relating to the consumption of alcohol apply: the legal drinking age in Ohio is 21.
  • Please ensure that all trash is placed in the appropriate containers, and please be particularly careful that no cans or bottles are left on the beach.

Pet Policy

The Society for Creative Anachronism, the Barony of the Cleftlands, and the event staff, both personally and as representatives, are not responsible or liable for any altercations caused by or between pets.

  • Pets must be leashed and supervised while on site
  • Pet owners MUST clean up after their pets
  • Pets are not permitted in the gate tent, bath houses, and dining hall
  • Pets are permitted within the perimeter of the large pavilion
  • A dog wash and canine “day camp” with waste clean-up baggies will be available at the trough station
  • Pets, like their humans, must observe quiet hours (see the site rules)
  • Failure to abide by these rules or disruptive behavior will be grounds for ejection from the site


Since ALL Ohio counties are under firewood transportation restrictions due to the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer, it is legal to move firewood between counties within Ohio. Therefore, it is legal to pick up firewood anywhere within Ohio and bring it to the site. It is illegal, however, to move firewood INTO or OUT OF all adjacent states, even if you’re traveling from one infested area to another. For more information about emerald ash borers, please refer to this website.

It is generally not usually necessary to bring in firewood. Availability at this site is generally good, but varies from year to year. There are multiple nearby locations (up and down OH 58) to run out and get firewood if there is not a sufficient supply on site. There are many fire pits and fire-rings around the site, but you may want to bring a portable fire pit.