8:00Site opens
9:00Lists open for inspections, authorizations, and pickupsAll MartialBattlefield
10:00Rapier: A Game Bear Pit TournamentRapierRapier List
10:00NOBLE Cup Bardic ChallengePopulaceMain Pavilion
10:30Archery: TRM Archery Champion ShootArcheryArchery List
10:30Armored: Unbelt Tournament sponsored by Sir SiriusArmoredBattlefield
11:00Armored: Champions PracticeArmoredBattlefield
11:00Thrown Weapons: ChampionshipThrown WeaponsThrown Weapons Range
11:00Rapier: War Practice 1RapierRapier List
11:00Crafterpersons' Green OpensPopulaceMain Pavilion
11:00Youth Bocce TournamentPopulaceVillage Green
11:00Class: Introduction to Performing Arts in the SCAClassesClassroom 2
11:00Class: Beaded Fabric CircletClassesClassroom 4
12:00Archery: List closes for lunch
12:00Armored: Melee ScenariosArmoredBattlefield
12:00Class: Rapier Marshal RefresherClassesClassroom 1
12:00Class: From Stone Age to Royal Courts: How the Recorder Found its GrooveClassesClassroom 2
1:00Rapier: 3 Person Melee TournamentRapierRapier List
1:00Archery: North Oaken Regional ChampionshipArcheryArchery Range
1:00Class: Opening Up a Can of Worms: Research in the SCAClassesClassroom 1
1:00Class: Bidding the Bedes: An Introduction to PaternostersClassesClassroom 2
1:00Class: Norse Garb, not "Vikings!" the TV Show CostumesClassesClassroom 3
1:00Class: Frets & FingersClassClassroom 4
2:00Rapier: Authorizations and pickupsRapierRapier List
2:00Class: Persona DevelopmentClassesClassroom 1
2:00Class: Broadsheet Baddies: True Crime & Tudor TabloidsClassesClassroom 2
2:00Class: Soldier, Poet, Prince: The Life of Shmuel ha-NagidClassesClassroom 3
2:00Class: Take a Waulk on the Wild SideClassesClassroom 4
3:00Rapier: War Practice 2RapierRapier List
3:00Archery: Tournament TBDArcheryArchery Range
3:00Baroness' Bocce TournamentPopulaceVillage Green
3:00Class: Choosing your Name and HeraldryClassesClassroom 1
3:00Class: Midrealm Anthem Singalong!ClassesClassroom 2
3:00Class: Turk's Head KnotsClassesClassroom 3
4:00Martial: All lists close
4:00Crafterpersons' Green closes
5:30Court*PopulaceMain Pavilion
8:00Site closes

[ Bardic | Bocce | ClassesCraftpersons’ Green ]

Baroness’s Bocce Tournament

The Baroness’s Bocce Tournament takes place Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM on the Bocce Green near the Main Pavilion. All are welcome to enter, although we request that participants be at least 10 years old. There will be a youth bocce tournament at 11:00 AM for all those interested in joining in before lunch. The NOWM Bocce Green is 10′ wide by 40′ long. In order to make the tournament more challenging, all natural landscape irregularities have been kept in place. (Seriously, have you TRIED manicuring a campground?) The winner of the Baroness’s Bocce Tournament will become the guardian of the coveted Brass Elephant on a Bocce Ball until the next tournament.

As bocce is a game that has evolved over time, we have created our own variation of modern bocce rules to simplify the game and make it more enjoyable for all contestants:

  1. The Baroness throws out the pallino (target ball) for all rounds. The pallino must pass the mid-point of the bocce court (20′). If the landed baroness is either unavailable or competing in a current round, all efforts will be made to acquire a stand-in baroness for that round.
  2. Rounds will consist of sets of four contestants. Each contestant will have two bocce balls of the same color. Balls will be thrown alphabetically by color in two phases. Contestants may throw their bocce balls from any position within the court up to the 5 ‘marker stake.
  3. The contestant whose ball is closest to the pallino will receive 1 point. If the second ball of the same color is the next closest to the pallino, the contestant will receive two points. Points are awarded only to the individual whose bocce ball is closest.
  4. If two (or more) bocce balls if differing colors are equidistant from the pallino, those contestants will re-throw 1 ball each to break the tie. The pallino remains in its original location during the tie-breaker.
  5. The tournament will consist of five (5) rounds. The contestant with the most points after five rounds will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, one additional round will be played of two balls each to break the tie.
Previous Winners
  • Lady Cebelia de Namaria – NOWM XV, XVI
  • Sir Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch – NOWM XVII
  • Lord Sergei the Jester – NOWM XVIII
  • Lord Hákon Hrafnsson – NOWM XIX
  • Baroness Constanza de Mendoza – NOWM XX
  • Lady Lynette la Rousse – NOWM XXI
  • Lord Ladislas Vulcu – NOWM XXII
  • Lord Miguel de Servesas – NOWM XXIII
  • ? – NOWM XXIV
  • … You? – NOWM XXV


  • Beaded Fabric Circlet. In this class you will make the base of a fabric circlet and get started on beading the decorative portion. 12 kits will be available.  Kits: $9. Some hand sewing knowledge will be helpful. Beads and needles are small, so bring reading glasses if you need them. Thread snips also helpful. Youth 12 and older welcome with an adult. [ Instructor: Lady Sarra Bossard ]
  • Bidding the Bedes: Introduction to Paternosters. In the 13th-16th centuries in western Europe, prayer beads were a ubiquitous accessory. This class discusses the history and development of the paternoster, as well as information on making your own replica. Kits will be available to make a glass paternoster for $5. [ Instructor: Dame Elizabethe Alles ]
  • Broadsheet Baddies: True Crime & Tudor Tabloids.  In Tudor England, the development of the printing press allowed for quick and cheap publication of news – so of course, this also meant dealers in the sensational and the salacious. A look at the first ‘tabloids’ as well as the art inspired by tales of murder and seedy dealings.[ Instructor: Lady Katherine Coscombe ]
  • Choosing your Name and Heraldry. Explanations the basics of choosing a name and heraldry, using layman’s terms. Newcomers welcome! [ Instructor: Nobilis Thory Vedardottir ]
  • Frets & Fingers: Basics of Fretted String Instruments. [ Instructor: Ollamh Brendan O Corraidhe ]
  • From Stone Age to Royal Courts: How the Recorder Found its Groove. Follow the development of the recorder, from music’s earliest beginnings and Stone Age bone flutes to Henry VIII’s famous collection of wooden recorders. Spoiler alert: the recorder did not always have its characteristic thumb hole. We’ll also discuss how beginners can get started playing this instrument. The class is suitable for musicians and non-musicians. Various sizes of recorders will be available for viewing. [ Instructor: THL Jolicia atte Northclyfe ]
  • Introduction to Performing arts in the SCA (Bardic 101) [ Instructor: Ollamh Brendan O Corraidhe ]
  • Midrealm Anthem Singalong! Come learn the anthems Their Royal Majesties have selected for their reign! [ Instructor: Lady Annalena Cecilia Massari ]
  • Norse Garb, not “Vikings!” the TV Show Costumes. Archeological information is used to help reconstruct logical possibilities for Norse Garb. The course does not include bikini tops, leather skirts or copious amounts of black eyeliner. Suggested Class Donation: Please bring a canned or boxed good for the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church Food Bank, which serves the South Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland. Their stores are low, so your donation is deeply appreciated. [ Instructor: Meistara Thorhalla Carlsdottir af Broberg ]
  • Opening Up a Can of Worms: Research in the SCA. Does research and documentation seem overwhelming? Are you interested in doing an A&S project but don’t know where to start? This class will teach you how to find, evaluate, and document the sources you need to research and complete an A&S project in any category. [ Instructor: Lady Rosie Dubroc ]
  • Persona Development. Easy development of persona for those who are looking to up their game. [ Instructor: Zoya Dragomirova ]
  • Rapier Marshal Refresher Class.  Marshal Refresher Class for Rapier Marshal Continuing Education. Bring your lunch and a portable chair due to potentially limited seating. [ Instructor: Maestra Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr, DKEM Fencing, Midrealm ]
  • Soldier, Poet, Prince: The Life of Shmuel ha-Nagid. A brief overview of the life of Shmuel ha-Nagid, using his poetic works as touchstones of his illustrious career as politician, general, and scholar in Muslim Spain. [ Instructor: Rav Ezra ha Yona ]
  • Take a Waulk on the Wild Side. Learn how to felt wool cloth with the Scottish technique of wool waulking. Limit of 8 people but observers welcome. $8 for the cost of the wool fabric you will take home. And you will get wet! [ Instructor: Lady Nadyezhda the Simple]
  • Turk’s Head Knots. Do your tassels look a bit too mundane? Would you like to take them up a notch? In this hands on class you will learn up to three common Turk’s head knots that can not only be used to decorate all sorts of things, but are also just like those that adorned fancy period tassels. Ages 16+ [ Instructor: Lady Rosie Dubroc ]

Craftpersons Green

Bring your projects and come join us at the Craftsperons Green!  The Craftspersons Green is a space for artisans to come together and work.  All skill levels are welcome, and anyone is invited to stop by for a visit even if you don’t have a project along.  The green will be under the permanent pavilion.  There are some wooden picnic tables. although artisans may wish to bring their own chairs and worktables for personal comfort.  Contact Dame Elizabethe Alles for questions in advance, or just look for Dame Elizabethe, Meistara Thorhalla, and Lady Chaiya on site. [ Main Pavilion, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM ]

NOBLE Cup Bardic Challenge

The Bards of North Oaken, summoned by the pursuit of excellence, gather to compete in story, song, and verse for the right to claim Stewardship of the NOBLE Cup. Bear witness to the finest North Oaken has to offer in the bardic arts, as appointed by the assembled baronages and seneschals of our fair land.