Armored Combat


Crafters Green

The Crafters Green will be held in the Main Hall. This is NOT your typical A & S display! ALL artisans of ANY skill level are invited set up a workspace to work on their period project during the event. Artisans will be encouraged to stay with their projects and actively work on them during the event. The idea is for artisans to make progress on their projects, demonstrate period techniques, discuss their methods, and give some information to observers if asked about their  project. General populace at the event will be invited to visit and spend time watching and learning from the artisans. There are NO requirements for documentation, type of project (except where limited by site restrictions such as alcohol, food, or other activities that cannot be accommodated by the site) or length of time. Each project should emphasize period methods where possible and appropriate. Space is on a first come, first served basis.

For more information and FAQ, please visit: or you may contact Countess Serena directly.

Hope to see you there!

Equestrian Activities

With thundering hooves and flying manes, the warhorses of Middle Kingdom herald themselves and their riders into the tournament arena for a day of equestrian skills. Cheer them on to see who beheads the most enemies, spears the most rings with their lances, and who hits the javelin target with the best accuracy. Show support for your favorite rider by rooting them on as they display their skills at these games and more as did the Knights of yore. Riders and steeds will be demonstrating training games such as beheading the enemy by weaving through poles and knocking the heads off them, spearing hanging rings with an 8-foot lance, throwing javelins at targets, and jousting at a quintain. The focus of the demo is to highlight equestrian activities of yore and encourage others to join the fun and comradery of participating in these unique activities. Come see riders and steeds wearing their finest – barding as part of the pageantry of the equestrian list field.

THL Rhiannon filia Catell
Deputy to the Kingdom Equestrian Officer
Northern Oaken Regional Equestrian Officer

Rapier Combat


Target Archery


Bardic Festivities

Landing at Coronation with flourish and fanfare, The Magic Carpet Kavehane! Come to listen, play or chill as skilled Bardic Baristas serve up delicious Turkish Coffee for the price of a song, a tale, a tune or a dance*! What if you don’t have a story? Tell us how you got to Coronation today. Can’t carry a tune? We have Loaner Kazoos! Just want to take a break from the festivities? Come hang out and enjoy!

*Water will be available free of charge. We aren’t savages.

When the Sun goes down and the tents go up plans are afoot for an informal gathering of those wishing to share a tune, story, or song. Watch this space for more information!

Youth Activities

Activities for kids of all ages. SCAvenger Hunt, Build a circlet and more. Younger kids may need a parent’s help with some activities.

For more information, reach out to Lady Deirdre.


If you are interested in teaching a class at Coronation, please sign up here.

Other Activities

The Publick House is a welcoming daycamp and hospitality space that is open to any event attendee. It is sponsored and staffed by private individuals. If you are interested in assisting with The Publick House, please contact Dame Elizabethe Alles.