Note: Schedule is not yet finalized and subject to change.

9:00 Staff Allowed on Site
9:30Site Opens
10:00Beaded Cabochons CostumeRoom 2
10:00MailleArmorRoom 8
10:00Repousse for ArmourersArmorRoom 5
10:00Making a longbowArmorRoom 12
11:00Vigil starts for Marc Rengarth Vigil area
11:00Opus Consutum: Applying Ourselves CostumeRoom 4
11:00Before the Design; what to think about when making garbCostumeRoom 3
11:00The 13th Century Kit ArmorRoom 8
11:00Repusse for Armourers continuedArmorRoom 5
11:30 Intro to Bobbin LaceCostumeRoom 2
11:30 Lunch Tavern opens Main Hall
12:00HatsCostumeRoom 3
12:00Holbien Stitch aka Blackwork EmbroideryCostumeRoom 3
12:0014th Century Armour Roundtable ArmorRoom 8
12:30Leatherworking for Armourers ArmorRoom 5
1:00Islamic Pattern Darning EmbroideryCostumeRoom 4
1:00Clothes not costumes CostumeRoom 3
1:30Hardened Leather ArmorRoom 5
2:00Cloth Pouches CostumeRoom 4
2:00Norse Dress by Century and RegionCostumeRoom 2
2:00Fashion, what is it and where can I get some? CostumeRoom 3
2:00Acid Etching ArmorRoom 8
2:30Tooling Leather ArmorRoom 5
3:00Embroidery on clothes in the 14th centuryCostumeRoom 4
3:00Transitional Outer clothing in Late 14th Century Venice and MilanCostumeRoom 3
3:30Leather WorkshopArmorRoom 5
4:00Honorable Company of Embroiderers Meeting CostumeRoom 4
5:00Fashion ShowMain Hall
5:30 CourtMain Hall
7:00 Site Closes