All classes are scheduled in the Commercial Building

Track 1Track 2Track 3Track 4
10:00 AMFiber Arts SalonIntroduction to Period Pigments for IlluminationBeaded Fabric CircletRussian Gold Embroidery
11:00 AMFiber Arts SalonHand Sewing LeatherBeaded Fabric Circlet (Continued)Russian Gold Embroidery (Continued)
12:00 PMLunchLunchLunchLunch
1:00 PMFiber Arts SalonMaking a Bow using Period Style ToolsThe Poetic Life of Shmuel ha-NagidAn Easier Way to Gold Leaf
2:00 PMFiber Arts SalonGranny SquaresJapanese 4 Hole BookbindingAn Easier Way to Gold Leaf (Continued)
3:00 PMFiber Arts SalonMysteries & Miracles: An Intro to Medieval Theatre Class.Kids Those Days
4:00 PMFiber Arts SalonSo You Want To Be An Archery Marshal
  • An Easier Way to Gold Leaf. Learn how to gold leaf, using the Period simple way by using leaf and garlic! You get a booklet, gold leaf and other supplies are provided. Class limit: 10 Cost: $15. [ Instructor: Mistress Roewynne Langley ]
  • Beaded Fabric Circlet. In this class you will make the base of a fabric circlet and get started on beading the decorative portion. 12 kits will be available. Some hand sewing knowledge will be helpful. Beads and needles are small, so bring reading glasses if you need them. Thread snips also helpful. Youth 12 and older welcome with an adult. [ Instructor: Lady Sarra Bossard ]
  • Granny Squares: Fun with Color & Stitches. Learn a crochet basic, the granny square. Granny Squares can be combined to make blankets, pillows, scarves, and apparel. You get yarn and a crochet hook to keep. Class fee $5. [ Instructors: Lady Chaiya Leah bat David & Meistara Thorhalla Carlsdottir af Broberg]
  • Fiber Arts Salon. Join us for a fiber arts salon including embroidery, sewing, creation of bowstrings, or anything with string, thread, or rope! [ Instructor: Mistress Isabel Moundoghter ]
  • Hand sewing Leather. Demonstration of the traditional two-needle method, often called a saddle stitch. 14th-century knife sheaths found in the Thames riverbank show evidence of using this same method. (Handout) Starter kit (includes needles, wax, several kinds of thread including boar bristle) $10 [ Instructor: Ollamh (Master) Brendan O Corraidhe ]
  • Introduction to Period Pigments for Illumination. This class/workshop will be a basic introduction to working with Period Pigments. It will include an overview of pigments by type and history. It will also include demonstration and a chance to try painting with a small sampling of different pigments. Limit 8 students for hands on workshop. $5 class materials for workshop. Others are welcome to come and listen. [ Instructor: Master Aiden Elfäedur ]
  • Japanese 4 Hole Bookbinding. Come learn an easy introduction to Japanese binding that hasn’t changed for a thousand years. Participants should be able to finish at least one book in the time allotted. [ Instructor: Lady Arianwen o Wyndham ]
  • Kids Those Days. Cultural expectations around the onset of parenthood, from pregnancy though when the child is “fully fledged,” have shifted dramatically across time and vary greatly between cultures. Come share thoughts about the historical and Societal expectations of the early parts of individual histories and how those align with developmental realities within the younger participants in the Dream. [ Instructor: Lady Zofia der Kinder, Northern Oaken Minister of Youth ]
  • Making a Bow using Period Style Tools. Learn how to make a longbow using a draw knife. This is a hands on class. [ Lord Gladius the Alchemist ]
  • Mysteries & Miracles: An Intro to Medieval Theatre Class. A look at the history of theatre in the West, from it’s outlawing by the early Church and its eventual rebirth and development into a vibrant, popular style that was uniquely by and for the masses. [ Instructor: Lady Katherine Coscombe ]
  • The Poetic Life of Shmuel ha-Nagid. A brief overview of the life of Shmuel ha-Nagid, using his poetic works as touchstones of his illustrious career as politician, general, and scholar in Muslim Spain. [ Instructor: Rav Ezra ha-Yona ]
  • Russian Gold Embroidery. The history and techniques of pre-Mongol goldwork embroidery in Rus’, with a lecture and hands-on instruction. $10 per kit, 15 kits available. [ Instructor: Lady Valya Abnikova Doch ]
  • So You Want To Be An Archery Marshal. An in depth overview of how to be an archery marshal including learning the basic chain of command, range setup, how to inspect equipment, range commands, and so much more! [ Instructor: Lady Saradwen Ariandalen ]