Breakfast Tavern (Donation)

A humble collection of offerings with the required amounts of coffee and tea. Donations graciously accepted.

Lunch Tavern (à la carte)
  • Mini Pot Pies, made in muffin tins $4.00 (Chicken or vegetable, with a gluten-free option) – Ingredients may include: pie crust (regular or gluten free), chicken, olive oil, butter, onion, celery, broth, peas & carrots, salt, and corn starch
  • Carrots and celery sticks $0.50
  • String cheese $0.50
  • Fruit (apple, orange, or strawberries) $0.50
  • Cookies $0.50
  • Water $0.50
Feast ($17)
  • 1st course
    • Open-face small sandwiches 3-4 types – Salmon, Smoked Fish, Caviar, Radish
    • Stuffed eggs
    • Pickled cucumbers (v)
    • Pickled mushrooms (v)
  • 2nd course
    • Lenten borsht (v)
    • Pirozki with cream cheese dough
    • Kasha (v) Cooked buckwheat groats
    • Bitki Little meatballs in sour cream
    • Red cabbage (or a pickled veg) (v)
    • Pelmeni Little meat ravioli
  • 3rd course
    • Apple Pirozhki
    • Cinnamon Bulochki (v) Sweet rolls
    • Lepeshki Almond cookie
    • Vatrushki Cheese curd tartlets
    • Syraiki Fried dough

(v) = vegan