9:30Site Opens
All lists open for inspections, authorizations, and pick-upsLL, Gymnasium
Baronial A&S Display OpensLL, Gymnasium
10:30 Armored Combat MusterLL, Gymnasium
11:00Armored Combat TournamentLL, Gymnasium
Lunch & Learn - Armored Marshal Rules with the KEM *TBD
1:00Rapier Combat MusterLL, Gymnasium
1:30Rapier Combat TournamentLL, Gymnasium
4:30A&S Display Closes
5:00CourtLL, Gymnasium
5:30FeastFloor 2, Cafeteria
9:00Site Closes

* Lunch & Learn – Armored Marshal Rules with the KEM – Duke Cellach MacChormach, Middle Kingdom Earl Marshal, is offering a refresher course for armored marshals which will cover recent changes to the handbook. All armored marshals are required to take one session of the class and to take a short exam. Marshals In Training can receive one full set of signatures for taking the class. Bring your lunch and eat during the class.